One of the first things we can try to do when we learn crochet or cross stitch, is to knit a scarf. In the same way we can start by making a wool collar that is somewhat smaller and also is a trend complement


If you want to be able to start with a simple piece when knitting, one of the best is undoubtedly a wool collar. For those who do not know what exactly or what we mean when we say “wool collar”, we have to say that it does not stop being like a scarf, although much smaller and closed so that it is always positioned in the neck.

It is a complement that has become fashionable, brings heat to the neck, is not as annoying to wear as a scarf, and we can buy different colors, or as explained below, we will see how to make a wool collar step by step and with sewing needles.

Do you want to wear a wool collar made with your own hands next fall? Well follow these steps and you will be surprised to see how easy it is.

Start by weaving a rectangle with measures of 60 cm (length) and 35 cm (width or height). For this we will have to mount about 42 points
We start by leaving a strand of wool that is approximately the width that we are going to weave
We make a sliding knot that we will put in the needle. We already have our first point.

To make the rest of the points, we make a loop, insert it in the needle, pass the wool that comes from the ball or the end of the wool, and pull on both sides.
This is how we are going to mount all the points until 42.

Once we have assembled the stitches (which we have knit with the fingers on the needle in what is known as stupid point), we have to knit with stitches from the right or stitch to get the rectangle.

The points of the right you must do with the two needles. First you have to insert the right needle in the center of the point.

Then, with the wool that comes from the ball, we make a loop and we get the point. Let’s repeat until we do the whole rectangle.Once we finish a row of points, we will place the needle that has all the points in the left hand and with the needle that is free, we will go making more points.


One of the most beautiful fabrics we can make is crocheting. Knitted fabric that may seem somewhat complicated, but it is enough to know the base or how to start seams to allow free movement of our imagination and to create all sorts of clothing and accessories in the crochet. If you like knitting and want to learn how to floss, we will give you all the keys in a simple way, below.



Once you have the sliding knot you will have to knit a chain. This chain is often called the chain of initiation or simply chain. This will be the basis for our project and the rest of the points.


The cold is approaching, so nothing like having good gloves that warm our hands and if you like knitting we want to explain to you, in an easy way, all the steps to know how to knit wool mittens.

The wool mittens are a type of glove that sets a trend and, in addition, they are easy to make since having only one finger and a central piece to put the other four, it will be easier to do it with your own hands.


The web is a great hobby for people of all ages, gender and nationality. Shawls, hats, jackets, blankets, dresses, boots … there are no clothes or accessories that cannot be knitted. Want to know how to make a knitted sweater? Keep reading and you will see that you can easily get it.

Steps for knitted sweater
For the manufacture of woven pulp you will need the following materials:

7 mm and 8 mm (measurement may vary depending on what you want and the wool you use).
Wool in colors and quantities you will use.
Scissors (you will use them to cut scraps of wool).
Sewing woolen needles.